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Why Vallarta?

It's simple, really.  Vallarta is a beautiful and vibrant area with everything that you could hope for in a vacation spot.  We've met an amazing number of people who have visited other Mexican destinations prior to Puerto Vallarta.  Most profess that now that they've experienced the diversity and charm of Vallarta and Banderas Bay that they see no reason to visit anywhere in Mexico but Vallarta.


Nuevo Vallarta:

Nuevo Vallarta is gives you access to the beautiful expansive beaches that you can walk for what seems like forever (eight miles, we're told).  Beaches in many other parts of Vallarta are rocky and/or interrupted by barriers that limit your ability to move up and down the beach.  You'll find the best boogie boarding waves we've seen in the Vallarta area (or any area).  There is access to lots of golfing - from pleasurable to championship.  Nuevo Vallarta is positioned squarely between Puerto Vallarta to the south and both Bucerias and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (two beautiful, small and quaint villages) to the north.  It's accessible to everything, but doesn't have the crowded feel of the heavily built-up areas.


Puerto Vallarta: 

Puerto Vallarta is a very old town and maintains its old-world character to this day.  No other Mexican tourist location has this same feel.  Cobblestone streets lead your eye from the warm waters of Banderas Bay up the hillside of stacked dwellings.  There is a natural-feeling mix of Mexicans and tourists in the local streets.  You can stay in the areas that cater to tourists or easily, safely and comfortably move through the rest of the city.  You can easily get there by car, taxi or bus.


Marina Vallarta: 

This area is where many of the long-established resort properties are located.  Marina Vallarta is just south of the airport while Nuevo Vallarta is just north.  Marina Vallarta is densely populated with resorts and the local businesses cater specifically to the needs of tourists.  There are vendors everywhere offering you a special "deal", some worth trying.   


It's all about the Sun:

Vallarta weather is simply brilliant.  The average temperature is about 82F.  Our tropical location on the pacific is at the same latitude as Hawaii (about 20 north).  It is comfortable even in the summer when the temperature reaches into the mid nineties since there is typically a soft breeze coming off the bay.  We are said to have 310 days of sunshine per year - that's only four days per month of overcast skies.  The rainy season runs from late June or early July through September and as you would expect, humidity runs higher with this moisture.  Rain is nearly non-existent (and typically very brief) from November through May.  August and September are the warmest months, with normal highs in the low 90s.  Evenings are beautiful all year long with typical lows from around 60F in the cooler months to the mid to upper 70s during the warmest stretches.  Go to our Useful Links page or home page for a link to today's weather.


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